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About us

Nasalden is an effort to make available to the NA Fellowship literature that many Members have never even heard of, much less enjoyed the blessings from reading. All  have come from Loving and Caring Members who invested their time, talent and treasure to develop these writings. 
There are two basic types of Books here.
 Those written by "Addicts for Addicts" in the "Open Participatory" style that was used for Our "Basic Text". All of these books are printed and sold just slightly above cost to cover expenses such as shipping materials and loss due to damage. The costs associated with running the site (the monthly fees) will be factored in the accounting.
 Then we have "Original Works" produced by Members such as Autobiographical and Historical Accounts of our Fellowship.
 Both type of books will have a "Free Digital Download" option so we can make these wonderful Labors of Love available to as many persons as possible.
 Please share this site with others if you enjoy what you find here, and may "Our Higher Power" bless this effort to help us grow in "Our Recovery" and Love for each other. JAMF