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Digital Download Announcement

We need your understanding.  Our primary objective as a "not-for-profit" is to keep this literature available to all who seek it—both in print and free ebook versions.  We rely on the purchases to keep NASALDEN alive.

Balancing costs while remaining solvent is tricky.  Hosting, supply chain, materials, goods and services costs are all on the rise.

  • Web hosting prices increased by nearly 30% for the 1st time in years.
  • Paper costs grew 4% in a single month YTD.  
  • Raw material sank in Nov./Dec. of 2023 from highs of 265 to 199 by 12/1.
  • Cost per printed page is up 25% from what we've typically seen.

With that said, we have to make some adjustments and try new ways to keep things going and hope you can understand.  

We're going to start by applying a nominal $2 charge for digital downloads to offset our operating and hard copy costs. 

If it works you will see an increase in available literature while book prices go down.

Addict, Out of The Dark and Into The Light (Soft Cover)

$85.00 $125.00
OK Guys and Girls, the wait is over. We are proud to announce announce a limited number of the Softcover Edition of "Addict Out Of The Dark And Into The Light" by Chris Keeley. We want to thank Chris for letting us make this spectacular book available here on NASALDEN...

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