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The NA Way of Life "Hard Back"


Many of us feel that this book is the definitive book on "Recovery from Addiction." Written in the same style as "Our Basic Text" it  is a treasure trove of Experience, Strength and Hope...At over 800 pages, it's riches will reveal themselves to you for years to come...

Written between 1989 and 2012 by hundreds of addicts in conferences listed on (chronology) including minutes. Very "Fellowship" oriented with successful experience in recovery of NA members.

As of 8/20/2017 the price for this book has been lowered from $30 for the Hard Back to $25 a copy. Switching printers allowed us to save money on the printing which of course is passed on to you the member :-) These also have New Print Font on the Cover that is Very Nice and matches the Typeface on the Soft Cover version...

See our other items for the "Free Digital Download" available now.-JAMF