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"My Years With Narcotics Anonymous" Bob Stone

Hey Guys and Gals we got a new resource for the "Bob Stone Book" as many call it. Many thanks to Paul San Jose for making this book available to us and you for just slightly above cost...This one is much larger than the original Paper Back though it is still the exact same colors for the cover. There are some editorial changes that update the content and make for an easier to understand Historical Autobiography....It is a beautiful book and I have already bought several...Please note that some of these came out with some white "splotches" on the damage just cosmetic and will just make them worth more later on!
As always with all our books here there is a "Free Download" available...

Well here it is..."The good, the bad and the ugly" Everything you never wanted to know about a critical time in NA's History.
Please let your Fellow Members know that these free downloads are available for every book listed on the site.-JAMF